Thursday, February 28, 2013

World Simultaneous Prayer for Healing of Earth's Waters

On 2 years anniversary of East Japan Great Earthquake, March 11,  2:46pm Japan time, Dr. Emoto (Japan) and Kumu Keala Ching(Hawaii) invite you to pray for healing of water near you. Here in the Big Island, we meet at 7pm at the big banyan tree next to King Kamehameha Hotel on Ali'i Drive.

Please share this to your connections and create an event in your hometown. Even just one person praying is great!

The simultaneous prayer will take place at 2:46pm on March 11 Japan time, which is 7:46pm on March 10 Hawaii time.

Use Time Zone converter to know the time in your locality.

I appreciate getting to know where the prayer will take place. Please post your event to this blog so that people near you may be able to join you.

There will be many prayers throughout Japan on that day.

The power of each one of us around the world praying together will be phenomenal.

Thank you for your care and participation.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Harmonics Life Center Presents Dr. Emoto's Lectures in Hilo and Kona, Hawaii

Harmonics Life Center Hawaii happily presents Dr. Masaru Emoto's lectures "Love & Gratitude Can Heal You & the Earth" in Hilo (March 2) and Kona (March 3) , Hawaii.

You don't  now know Dr. Emoto yet?
Check this out!  Quite cool.

Those who love the water and Dr. Emoto's work are welcome to join the lectures and receptions.  Details are in the flyer below.

Call us today to buy tickets and reserve seats for the receptions.  Only limited number of people can attend the lectures and receptions.  Harmonics Life Center: 808-334-9616 (Yumi)

<Prayer for the Pacific Ocean Ceremony>
*Open invitation to Public

Dr. Emoto and Kumu Keala Ching will be leading a Prayer for the Pacific Ocean Ceremony on March 10 from 7pm, which is March 11 Japan Time, to pray for the lives lost and hurt as a result of March 11 2011 Earthquake in Japan and Fukushima nuclear reactors meltdown.  This invitation is open to public. We meet at Banyan Tree next to the King Kamehameha Hotel.