Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr. Emoto's Additional Events by Popular Demand

As Kauilapele reported in the blog, Dr. Emoto's lecture in Kona was well attended and a great event considering the short time for the preparation (1 month):

Dr. Emoto has been so popular wherever he goes.  So many people in the US already has read his book or heard of him.  It is amazing!  To be honest, I did not know his popularity and fame was this high in the USA until I organized his event for the first time in the US.

So, now we have 4 additional Dr. Emoto's events for public.  One event tonight was at Kealakehe Intermediate school feeding program, and Dr. Emoto gave a talk to some 70 kids and students from University of Nations.

1. Dr. Emoto on Han-nya-shin-gyo
March 8, 7pm@Daifuku-ji Tenple (next to Teshima)

2. Potluck Fundraiser with Dr. Emoto
Let's give "Messages from Water" books to 650 million children
March 9, 6pm@Dragonfly Ranch
Suggested donation $40 or more (to support Emoto Peace Project)

*from 4-6pm, there will be our free workshop of Harmonics Healing by Yumi and Gen
3. Dr. Emoto Talk Show: Love and Gratitude are your Immune Power
March 10, 2-4pm@New Thought Church

4. World Simultaneous Prayer for Earth's Waters  --at the same time as Japan's earthquake and Tsunami (March 11, 2011)
March 10, 7pm@Banyan Tree next to King Kamehameha Hotel  If you are not in Hawaii , please organize your own prayer ceremony on the same day and time.

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