Thursday, March 27, 2014

Harmonics Life Center Hawaii--A Step Closer to Our Dream

We have a dream of living sustainably, meaning growing, harvesting our own food from the ground organically, meeting energy needs by local and sustainable sources and supporting/healing our body by natural medicine.

Harmonics Life Center has moved to a new location in a big ranch, called Huehue Ranch, in February. I was in Japan this month and from April on, we hope to start designing and making vegetable gardens and orchard in a new location.  We have a professional support who has been turning deserted land into a fertile food production land, and he is coming next month.  I can not wait to work with him to turn a section of the huge ranch into a sustainable permaculture garden.

Our old house in town now has become a shelter for babies and mothers of Fukushima who need a healthy respite from the radiation exposure. As I write this, we are hosting 8 people from Fukushima, 3 mothers and 5 children.  The house is full but we are happy to be able to contribute to such a meaningful and important mission to enhance the wellbeing and health of children of Fukushima, who otherwise will have been living in radiation all the time!

I would like to thank for all of the people who supported Fukushima Kids Hawaii by donating and/or participating our events, such as Concerts, ZUMBA Parties, garage sales and talks.  Everything you did made it possible for us to serve for children of Fukushima.

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